Facilitation & training

  • High energy, interactive

  • ​Tailored to meet your specific needs

  • Drawing on research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and contemporary management best practice

Who you choose to facilitate your training influences its effectiveness through participant engagement and the transferability and sustainability of the concepts from workshop to workplace.

Workshop topics include:

  • Exploring purpose and motivation through values

  • The neuroscience of a strengths-based approach to performance

  • Managing performance

  • Ethical decision making

  • The art and science of giving and receiving feedback

  • Effective communication for performance, including difficult conversations

  • Leading with emotional intelligence

  • [Your tailored workshop here!]

I am an accomplished and highly skilled facilitator and trainer, with extensive experience in the design and delivery of workshops and outstanding net promoter scores.

My workshops focus on the part of the brain that supports emotions, behaviours, and motivation, and are anchored with practical ideas to transfer the content back into the workplace.

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