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Practical resilience

  • A microlearning activity is a bite-sized opportunity to reflect on the content of a workshop and complete structured deliberate practice activities to reinforce the learnings from each workshop.

  • Remember, the research suggests that building resilience involves you proactively and deliberately creating habits every day.

  • So plan out your deliberate practice and make it a habit!

Investing in your resilience habits = Investing in the best version of yourself

Here are three activities for you to consider as part of your deliberate practice to develop your resilience habits.

You may also like to review the presentation from the session.

Activity 1

Build your acceptance habit using Dr Martin Seligman's 3Ps

Become an expert at understanding and challenging your initial assumptions about a situation by asking yourself:

“What evidence do I have to support my thoughts?” and

“Is it possible that there’s another way to look at this?”.

Download a worksheet to consider using Dr Martin Seligman's 3Ps to reframe your responses to stressors.

Activity 2

Build your social support habit by using Dr Brene Brown's "square squad"

Make a list of the people you can rely on to provide you with advice and assistance across every aspect of your life. Once you have made that list, identify one person from each category to contact in the next week, even if it’s just a “hi, just touching base” email.

Download a worksheet to create your "square squad".

Activity 3

Build your G.E.M. habit by using the Three Good Things gratitude practice.

Research suggests that by completing the Three Good Things gratitude practice every day for one week or once a week for six weeks you are likely to notice appreciative results.

Download the Three Good Things worksheet.

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