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Training & facilitation

  • ​Tailored to meet your specific needs in tone, tempo and content

  • Emphasis on interaction and inclusive participation

  • Drawing on research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and contemporary management best practice

Who you choose to design and deliver your workshops can have a significant influence on effectiveness and return on investment.

I am an accomplished and highly skilled trainer and facilitator, with extensive experience in the design and delivery of workshops with outstanding net promoter scores.

I have experience at the highest levels across government, higher education, private and not-for-profit sectors, online and in person.

I am adept at tailoring the tone, tempo and content to meet the learning and participation needs of a diverse range of individuals and groups, ensuring that I am always listening to understand and responding accordingly.


Every highly interactive workshop I design and deliver draws on research from the fields of neuroscience, biology, psychology, and contemporary management best practice.
My workshops focus on building capability by engaging the parts of the brain involved in behaviour change, and acknowledge the important relationship between motivation, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. I build on opportunities for participants to engage with the content in a variety of ways, accomodating different learning preferences, and providing practical ideas to transfer the content back into the workplace.

Workshop topics include:

  • Exploring purpose, motivation and performance through values and strengths

  • Coaching skills for leaders

  • Managing performance

  • Ethical decision making

  • Exploring and building emotional intelligence and resilience

  • The art and science of giving and receiving feedback

  • Effective communication for performance, including difficult conversations

  • [Your tailored workshop here!]


My facilitation style is to ensure that I am fully briefed on the content and prepared for anything. I am skilled at quickly reading a room and responding accordintly to create an inclusive environment for all participants. I am able to confidently and respectfully manage hostile participants, minimising disruption.

Facilitation topics include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Roundtable discussions

  • [Your tailored workshop here!]

Let's begin the conversation.

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